Tips for Wedding Planning

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Now I am no expert here-but I wanted to offer up some quick tips for those who may be planning a wedding in the near future. The number one key to success for me has been limiting STRESS. This is supposed to be a happy time, so thinking along those lines will help make the overall process go smoother. So how do you increase the chances of having a successful wedding planning process? I will share my tips that I have received from friends and family.

Limit the opinions. Getting married is an exiting time for not only you but your family and friends as well. That means everyone will have an opinion about how you should proceed with your wedding. If you want to keep sane, keep the main decisions made about the wedding between you and your partner and a few people that you trust. This will help you stay on one accord.

Stick to your budget. Money is what makes wedding planning stressful, but if you set a budget and stick to it, you will feel less worried knowing that you only have a certain amount of money to work with. There are some free sites such as Wedding Wire or the Knot that allow you make a profile for free. I am using Wedding Wire and it is so helpful because I can make a budget, keep track of when payments or deposits have been made, and there are hundreds of vendors on there in your area that you can book with. You can also create a free wedding website and do your seating chart

Hire or find a coordinator. This can be a very valuable person in your planning process. There are also many different levels to this. You can just hire someone to do day of coordination, or if you need help with the whole process. This person should not be a part of the bridal party, that is key. It should also be someone reliable as they will be like a point person for you.

You can’t invite everyone. The hardest part for us was the guest list. We had to pick a number and stick to it. As hard as it was, just remember that you can’t invite everyone you have ever known in your life to your wedding. Only invite people that you and your partner are actually close to. If you are feeling guilty, don’t, just be sure to share pictures afterwards.

And now for some laughs, please watch this video by BMackWrites about Wedding Rules that my sister sent me:

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